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Why Should You Regularly Visit an Optometrist?

Is it really all that important to visit your optometrist every year? After all, if you don’t feel like your vision has changed at all, there’s probably nothing wrong, right? The truth is, regular visits to your optometrist can be just as important as getting an annual checkup with your primary care physician. Keep reading to learn more about the importance of getting regular Southwest Orlando eye care in Orlando, FL.

Renewing Your Prescription

Regular visits to the optometrist are even more important for those who already have contacts and/or glasses. It’s not uncommon for vision to change, and you may need a new prescription sooner than you think. Most of these vision changes are so gradual that you won’t even notice them occurring; however, they can cause you to suffer from more frequent eye strain and headaches due to the inability to see clearly.

An annual eye exam allows your optometrist to double-check your current visual acuity so that they can prescribe the right contact lenses or glasses for you. Plus, you need an up-to-date prescription if you want to order more contacts or get a new pair of glasses.

Aging Impacts Vision

As we already stated, vision can change over time, but it’s not only those who already have glasses and contacts that are impacted by this. Vision can worsen over time in just about anyone, especially in our current screen-based society. The things your mother used to tell you about sitting too close to the TV were actually somewhat true; if you focus on objects very close to your face for extended periods (such as on a smartphone, television, or computer screen), you might become nearsighted and struggle with your vision for distant objects.

Again, this could happen gradually enough that you might not notice that your vision is suffering. Rather, you’d just notice those side effects we mentioned earlier and start wondering why you get such frequent headaches now. Visiting the optometrist every year ensures that you have the visual acuity you need to live your best life, free of eye strain and headaches associated with blurry vision.

Eye Health Is More Than Vision

A visit to your optometrist is about far more than just your visual acuity; it’s about assessing the overall health of your eyes. Many kinds of infections and conditions can negatively impact your eyes. Even something as simple as chronically dry eyes can lead to long-term vision issues if not treated properly. Rather than simply “dealing with it,” you can address these kinds of problems head-on—starting with a visit to your optometrist. They can assess the health of your eyes, check for any concerning conditions, and provide you with treatments for any problems you might be experiencing (whether they’re related to your visual acuity or not).

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Visit an Optometrist Today

Caring for your eyes is a part of caring for your overall health. If it’s been a while since you’ve had an eye exam, contact Bay Hill Eye Care today to schedule an appointment with an optometrist. We’ll give you a comprehensive eye exam to test your vision and your eye health. If you end up needing glasses, we are one of the top eyeglass stores in Orlando and can help you find the right eyeglasses for your style and prescription. If you prefer, we can also provide you with a prescription for contact lenses. Schedule your appointment today, and start giving your eyes the care they deserve.