What’s the Best Way to Care for Your Glasses?

Dos and Don’ts to Keep Your Lenses Clean and Clear

Your glasses represent a significant financial investment. They are also key to seeing your world clearly. But your glasses take a beating, especially if you wear them all day, every day. Caring for your eyeglasses in Orlando the right way prolongs their life and gives you clear vision every time you put them on.


  • Clean your lenses regularly.
  • Use warm water and a drop of mild dish detergent OR the special eyeglass cleaner provided when you pick up your glasses to clean the lenses.
  • Do use a clean, soft cotton cloth to dry the lenses. Microfiber cloths work well as they are lint-free.
  • Hold the glasses by the bridge while cleaning to protect the frame and keep fingers away from the lenses.
  • Do launder your cleaning cloth regularly.
  • Do carry a cleaning cloth and cleaning solution or special cleaning wipes with you while you’re out and about to clean your glasses as needed safely.
  • Do set your glasses upside down when you need to set them aside.
  • Store your glasses in a hard-shell case when you’re not using them.
  • Do use both hands to put them on and take them off. Using one hand repeatedly will eventually cause the frames to become misaligned and not sit on your face evenly.


  • Don’t wipe lenses when they are dry. It doesn’t matter what type of cloth you use; if you wipe dry lenses, surface dust and debris on the lens or the cloth may cause scratches.
  • Don’t use Kleenex, tissues, paper towels, napkins, or your shirt to wipe your lenses. These have rough surfaces that may damage the lens. If your shirt is 100% cotton, it might be okay, but only if you can guarantee it’s perfectly clean. Since that’s tricky, it’s best to avoid using your shirt altogether.
  • Don’t use bleach, window cleaner, vinegar, ammonia, or other cleaning products to clean your lenses. These substances can harm the lens and/or its protective anti-reflective coating.
  • Don’t spit on your glasses. (We’ve ALL done it in moments of desperation.) Aside from being gross, the chances of your spit containing something that will damage your glasses are fairly high. Plus, it doesn’t work very well.
  • Don’t exhale onto your glasses and think that provides sufficient moisture for safe cleaning. It doesn’t.
  • Don’t put glasses in your pocket or bag without a case.
  • Don’t place your glasses face down on the lenses.
  • Don’t store your glasses by the bathroom sink or vanity. Regular exposure to perfumes, sprays, and cosmetics will damage the anti-reflective coating and make your lenses hard to clean.
  • Don’t leave your glasses sitting in a hot car. The high heat will damage the lenses and warp the frames.
  • Don’t try home remedies for fixing scratches. Please bring them to our office right away to get the job done right.

At Bay Hill Eyecare, we’re committed to helping you care for your eyes and your eyewear! Learn more with this video on eyeglass lens care.

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