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Eyeglass and Contact Lens Buying Guide

Glasses and contact lenses can greatly improve your quality of life. From the moment you find out that you need prescription lenses to the time that you get your first pair, you’ll see a complete transformation in the quality of your vision. You’ll experience fewer headaches, be able to enjoy more of the world and even be able to drive more safely. However, it’s still important that you take the time to find the right glasses from the right location if you want to experience the optimum benefits. Keep reading to get tips on what you should look for in eyeglass stores in Orlando.

Learn about Your Options

First, you should be aware of what all your options are. The first place you should get this information is from your optometrist, who can explain some of the best options for you based on your unique prescription. However, it’s also a good idea to look at other options that your optometrist won’t necessarily cover because they’re not central to your eye health. This includes topics like types of frames, coatings, subscriptions to contact lens delivery services, and more.

Do some of your own research to find out what varieties and add-ons are right for you while always keeping your optometrist’s recommendations and your own prescription at the forefront of every decision. If your optometrist also sells glasses, you can more easily ensure that you’re getting the right size, shape, and prescription for your lenses since your doctor will be on-site to help with these matters.

Check the Store’s Reputation

Wherever you buy your glasses or contacts, always look into the store’s reputation before buying. Look for customer reviews and ratings to understand what you can expect from that store. While the occasional bad review isn’t anything to be alarmed about (these will happen to every store), you should look for consistent or recurring complaints. If several people complain about poor customer service, slow turnaround times for their prescriptions, or low-quality frames, then you should probably give some credence to those complaints and keep them in mind when choosing where to shop.

Ask about Vision Insurance

If you have vision insurance, you’ll definitely want to ask whether or not the eyeglass store you’re considering accepts your plan. Again, this is a bit easier if you’re buying from your optometrist since you likely already found a doctor that accepts that insurance plan. However, many eyeglass stores will accept insurance plans too. If they don’t, talk to your insurance company and ask if you can receive reimbursement when you buy eyeglasses or contact lenses.

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Get a Spare Pair

If you’re buying glasses—and especially if you rely solely on glasses and not contact lenses—you should always invest in a second pair. Even if this means buying an inexpensive pair that you don’t necessarily love the style of, having a spare pair on hand can be a real lifesaver if something happens to your glasses. The last thing you want is for your one pair of glasses to get lost or broken, leaving you without the ability to see clearly until you can buy another pair.

For those who wear contacts, the second pair of glasses isn’t quite as essential since you’ll likely have contacts you can wear. However, even if you plan to wear contacts every day, it’s still a good idea to ensure you have at least one pair of glasses. Some circumstances do arise where you won’t be able to wear your contact lenses. For example, if you have an eye infection or injury, run out of contacts, or are experiencing eye irritation while wearing them, you’ll want to have glasses you can wear in these situations.

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