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Does My Child Need a Regular Eye Checkup?

Most parents recognize the importance of taking their kids to a doctor at least once a year. Annual wellness checkups are a chance to ensure that your child is completely healthy and that there are no underlying issues that need a doctor’s attention. It’s also an opportunity to get your child up to date on vaccinations for the upcoming school year. But what about visiting an optometrist? Many people view visits to the optometrist as something that’s only truly important later in life, or once obvious vision troubles start to pop up. Does your child really need Southwest Orlando eye care in Orlando, FL, every year? Keep reading to learn why regular eye checkups are important for kids.

Vision Can Change

In the early years of your child’s life, their vision is still developing. Most kids’ vision doesn’t “settle” until around the time that they start kindergarten, and during these years, issues can arise during their visual development. It’s important to have your child’s eyes checked yearly to ensure that their vision is developing properly. Even if your child could see reasonably well a year ago, that can change quickly due to issues with their developing vision, and seeing an optometrist can help you become aware of and treat the problem more quickly.

Kids Can’t Always Communicate Clearly

Children often have a hard time describing what’s going on with their bodies. Parents may have to get creative with their questioning to determine whether a child’s stomach pains are related to nausea, hunger, or simple gas pains. So, it’s little surprise that most kids can’t tell their parents if their vision isn’t completely clear; after all, your child doesn’t understand what’s “normal” in terms of visual acuity, so how could they possibly understand that they aren’t seeing as well as they should?

It’s very common for parents to have no idea that their child’s vision is blurry, only to discover the issue at an eye checkup. This is why it’s so important for children to visit an optometrist regularly, so we can inform parents of the problems that kids aren’t able to fully explain on their own.

Lazy Eye Is Common in Kids

A lazy eye, also known as amblyopia, is a fairly common pediatric eye condition. While you might think that lazy eye will be very obvious in your child, the early signs can often be much more subtle. The earlier the lazy eye is caught, the easier it is to correct. An optometrist can detect the early signs of a developing lazy eye so that it can be corrected with the simple use of an eye patch, rather than requiring more extensive and intrusive treatments.

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Some Eye Conditions Are Hereditary

Regular eye checkups are especially important if your family has a history of eye trouble. Even something as simple as requiring glasses early in childhood can be hereditary, and it’s important that your child get the optometric care they need as soon as possible. The sooner your child has the right prescription for their vision, the sooner they’ll be able to participate fully in school and enjoy their childhood to its fullest.

If it’s been some time since your child’s last eye exam, contact Bay Hill Eye Care today. Our optometrists specialize in caring for young patients, and our eyeglass stores in Orlando carry glasses specifically designed to fit children—and stand up to their active lifestyles. Contact us today to schedule your child’s eye exam and ensure that your child’s eyes are healthy and their vision is clear.